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I Am the Preacher’s Wife

I am the woman who proudly sits in the shadows as her husband stands in the light. I am the one who knows her husband is a gift from God, and so I give him back to my Lord through his full-time service. Often times, I am so lonely for him because I share him […]

The Preacher’s Wife – Ellis

Our preacher is a man of God, He truly loves the Lord; He gives the greatest sermons, His congregation’s never bored. He quotes the scriptures without looking, He shares the Good Book without end; He knows each member of the church, And calls each one his friend. He constantly is working, Both at the church […]

The Preacher’s Wife

In the shadow of the parsonage Stands a figure oft obscure. Just behind the faithful pastor Is his wife, devout and pure. She is with him every moment Helping make his work progress, And you can’t discount her portion In the measure of success. Oft behind the scene of action, Often never seen or heard, […]

Our Pastor

Who is it calls when we are ill With cheerful words and right good will, And lingers gently then to pray And soothe our care and fear away? Our Pastor! Who is it comes when sorrow falls, When death of friends our heart appalls, And tells us of mansions fair, And that sweet home, “just […]

Honoring Pastor’s Wives

This page is dedicated to the many pastor’s wives that labor tirelessly to serve others, and most importantly her husband. I was asked to come up with a page of hints and poems for honoring Pastor’s Wives. May God bless as you seek to honor “the Pastor’s Wife”! October is “Pastor Appreciation Month”. Here are […]