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Our Pastor

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Who is it calls when we are ill
With cheerful words and right good will,
And lingers gently then to pray
And soothe our care and fear away?
Our Pastor!

Who is it comes when sorrow falls,
When death of friends our heart appalls,
And tells us of mansions fair,
And that sweet home, “just over there”?
Our Pastor!

Who is it shares our happiest hours,
When life is crowned with wedding flowers,
And to the scene lends added grace
By reverent voice and kindly face?
Our Pastor!

Who is it on the Lord’s day
Points to Heaven and leads the way,
And brings a message from the Word,
Until our hearts within are stirred?
Our Pastor!

For whom then shall we daily pray
And ask for him God’s grace alway,
And wish for him a glad new year,
With new-born souls his heart to cheer?
Our Pastor!

Lean G. Browne

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