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The Preacher’s Wife – Ellis

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Our preacher is a man of God,
He truly loves the Lord;
He gives the greatest sermons,
His congregation’s never bored.

He quotes the scriptures without looking,
He shares the Good Book without end;
He knows each member of the church,
And calls each one his friend.

He constantly is working,
Both at the church and in his home;
He is very dedicated,
And spends much time with Christ alone.

He spends hours on his sermons,
Which are truly God inspired;
He works almost around the clock,
And is often worn and tired.

While we give him due respect and love,
His wife is often missed;
Though a sweet and caring, loving soul,
She’s not always on our list.

Oh what a shame … we lose so much,
For this woman’s full of love;
And when our preacher married her,
Was he not directed from above?

While our preacher is God’s shepherd,
His wife excels in little lambs;
We need her just as much as him,
All this is per God’s plan.

She stands behind her husband,
Like a shadow, ever there;
Like fresh air, always needed,
Of which no one is aware.

She will put her arms around him,
When he is down and blue;
Why comfort him, this man of God?
Because he’s human, too.

She performs her mundane duties,
Like pressing clothes and washing shirts;
Because she is so eager,
To have him look just right at church.

When services are over,
And he is waiting by the door;
We shake his hand and thank him,
Sometimes she’s smilingly ignored.

She never seeks attention,
But is content to aid and serve;
With a quiet consecration,
She hold her talents in reserve.

So, all you members of the church,
What I am trying hard to tell …
That when God chose this preacher’s wife,
‘Twas for the rest of us, as well.

Show that you appreciate her,
At the church door, shake her hand;
Hug her around her shoulders,
And behind her, take your stand.

~ Virginia Ellis ~
Copyright © 1999

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