A help for ministry wives

The Preacher’s Wife

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In the shadow of the parsonage
Stands a figure oft obscure.
Just behind the faithful pastor
Is his wife, devout and pure.
She is with him every moment
Helping make his work progress,
And you can’t discount her portion
In the measure of success.
Oft behind the scene of action,
Often never seen or heard,
Yet she stands forever ready
Just to give a helping word.
It is not in active service
That her worth is really shown,
But in the bearing heavy burdens
That to others are unknown.
With encouragement and vision
She must urge God’s servant on,
When the shadows are the darkest
And his courage’s almost gone.
With her home forever open
And her work quite never done,
She is ever his lieutenant
In the battles fought and won.
- T. R. Buzzard

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